Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Stuff of Life & The Life of Stuff

Only a couple of posts in, I'm still tweaking and refining this blog, trying to figure out what exactly is its purpose and what I want to say.  So, to narrow the focus a bit, I'll start by looking at my blog's actual title (ha!)--Bric & Brac--which aside from being the moniker I've bestowed (somewhat arbitrarily) upon my jewelry line, actually describes pretty well my interest.  Bric & Brac comes from bric-a-brac, of course:
noun /ˈbrik ə ˌbrak/ 
Miscellaneous objects and ornaments of little value
I find bric-a-brac to be extremely interesting and revealing: in small objects that could often be overlooked is wrapped up history, personality, function, and the lack thereof.  These objects have a story.  This is a quality I hope to convey when I make jewelry.  It's why I like incorporating repurposed, miscellaneous objects.  Since becoming involved on Etsy, it's something I've appreciated about the site as well.  It's a site filled with people who have a similar reverence for the simple beauty of objects, who put care into their creations or their vintage finds.

So between my jewelry, my work on Etsy, my blogging, and the way I live and look at my everyday life, I think objects serve as a good link.  In my blog, miscellaneous objects of little value (or slightly more value) will become windows on the world.  Whether found in the streets, in shops, or in my own home, there are myriad stories to tell!

To get the ball rolling, I'll look at an often overlooked (you can see by the mess!) but rather intimate part of my life: my desk.  Here where ideas are born and sometimes lost, where I've collected a most miscellaneous assortment of goods, and thereby all the stories that go along with them.  I won't tell you the stories, of course, but I think the photos speak well enough for themselves.

(Just wait until I start opening my drawers!)

Readers--or whoever is out there--what objects are typical of your everyday life?  What literal drawers can we open to understand you?

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